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Preparing Business Plans

A business plan allows an organization to clearly define its objectives and describe how it will market and operate its business, especially from a financial standpoint. We can help you create and monitor this plan to ensure your business’s success.
A business plan should include:

  • Description of the business
  • SWOT Analysis of the business (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Operations Strategy
  • Human resources strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Short term and long-term goals

We have prepared business plans for a variety of businesses in many different industry verticals including restaurants, manufacturing companies, medical professional corporations, and businesses in the retail, pharmaceutical, and entertainment industries among others. An important part of the business plan is preparing the financial projections. Using our many years of accounting and auditing experience, we are able to prepare strong financial projections with relevant assumptions that paint a reasonable picture of what the future financial side of the business could look like.

In addition to preparing business plans, we also take the extra step of reviewing these plans with our clients in the future and revising as necessary, those aspects of the plans which have changed during the course of the business’s lifetime. Keeping the business plan relevant and up to date allows it to remain an important reference point to business owners throughout the life of the business.

Registering a Business and Incorporations of Businesses

We provide registration services for businesses looking to register themselves with Canadian provinces (e.g. the Province of Ontario) as well as with federal registrations. We also provide incorporation services to businesses and can help businesses incorporate and create a new entity. Other services that we provide under this category include:

  • Registering businesses with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Assisting with registering of trademarks, patents and licenses
  • Assisting with changes to a corporation’s articles, name and address and other pertinent information

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning has become more and more important in recent years given the increasing numbers of business owners and shareholders that are over 65 who need to plan for the succession of their business. Whether you are planning to transfer the business to a family member, or to a new leadership, we can assist you with meticulous planning to safeguard your interests as well as handover the business to the new leaders in a planned and organized way to help them succeed.
Our Services for succession planning include:

  • Smooth transfer to an internal family member
  • Business valuations in case of a sale of the business
  • Estate and trust tax planning
  • Business Restructuring

Depending on the structure of the business, whether it is a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, our business succession planning process involves in identifying potential scenarios for business succession, future tax implications. We work in partnership with top financial advisors to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients. Give us a call today at The Kotamarti Group for a consultation.

Business Process Re-Engineering

We believe that every business has a scope for improvement. As businesses grow, undergo management changes or get impacted by changes in the industry or markets, they can undergo hardships. At The Kotamarti Group, we provide business process re-engineering services by analyzing a client’s business processes, both at an internal control level and a wider organizational standpoint. Our analysis includes identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement. Our services for Business process re-engineering include:

  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Operational Improvements
  • Process revamping
  • In-depth analysis of areas that might be breaking down
  • Crisis Management
  • Financing solutions
  • Business Planning
  • Exit Planning

We provide a holistic approach that helps an organization re-think the way they do things and provide a complete revamping plan of their business processes. We implement this re-engineering in manageable timelines to help the organization achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. At the end of our process, our client’s businesses come out stronger and ready to operate at their optimal levels.

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